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Arksey Primary School

Respect, Enjoy, Achieve


Welcome to Arksey Primary School!

At Arksey Primary School we respect ourselves and our world;

we enjoy exploring choices that help us to continually grow and achieve.


The school offers pupils a safe learning environment showing commitment to the development of the individual

as a caring, concerned and contributing member of the community.


It is recognised that all children are unique individuals, entitled to equal opportunities and continuing support

to enable them to realise their full potential.


A clear structure of expected standards of work, effort, and behaviour is enhanced by a calm, purposeful attitude to discipline.


Arksey Primary School works with parents/carers and other interested adults towards this end.


This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing information for parents, carers, pupils and all those interested in our school community. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school directly (details on the contact page) with any queries you may have, or if you require paper copies of any information.


Mrs Shelley Fisher


Let's Hear It For Teachers


Let’s hear it for teachers,

a curious crew.

There isn’t a limit

to what they will do –


they mark all your work

and they do not despair

when you still cannot tell

between ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’.


They tell you the same thing

again and again

while you sit staring blankly

and chewing your pen.


Sometimes their job

isn’t terribly fun,

with scary inspectors

and scarier mums,


and screaming young children

and meddling MPs

picking holes in their work

like a lump of Swiss cheese.


But listen to me

for I swear that it’s true:

the reason they teach is

they care about you.


The reason they get up

at stupid o’clock

is to give you the key

that will open the lock.


They’re desperate to help you

to be at your best,

to be better people

(not just pass a test);


to do well, to think well

and walk tall with pride.

Let’s hear it for teachers,

for there their  they’re on your side.