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Reception Class

Reception Class

2021 - 2022


We are delighted to welcome your children to Arksey School and look forward to getting to know you all during their first year at school.  Our priority is helping the children to settle in well and get to know new adults, friends and routines.  We will help your children as they learn to be 'Arksey Proud' in all that they do as they make choices that help them to learn and grow. 


Reading books

Please return your child's reading books each Monday morning.  We'll provide three Read Write Inc books each week, to match your child's current reading level.  Two library books will also be chosen by each week by your child, a fiction and a non-fiction book.  Children will change their library books on a Wednesday so they will need to be in school that day.


What children need


Shoes for running and independence: Good grips are the highest priority to reduce the likelihood of trips and slips during play times.  Children feel more confident and grown up when they can fasten their own shoes, therefore, velcro is usually the most 'child friendly' option.  If boots or wellies are chosen for cold, wet days please also send shoes or trainers which are often more comfortable for children sitting or working on the floor.

A change of clothes - Even children who are confident to manage using the toilet independently at home or at their current nursery or childminder's might find it difficult when they are in a new class.  Children are allowed to use the toilet when they need to but are often so engrossed in their lesson or activity that they leave it too late before heading to the toilet.  They also use enthusiastic water play and explorations in our mud area which may require a change.  Please include a complete change, including socks and underwear which can be left on their peg in a draw string bag in case it's needed.

Waterproof coat: Please send a coat daily, sometimes it seems that children face all four seasons in one day!  If shopping for new, please select a waterproof one with a hanging loop to enable your child to put it safely on their peg. 

Water bottle: A standard sized bottle will fit in our carrier crates and is less likely to get lost when carried to and from the play ground.  Please choose a non spill 'sports top' which should contain water - we do not allow juice or flavoured water.

PE kit: Children will be required to come to school in PE kit on Mondays and Tuesdays. Kit comprises either black or navy shorts, joggers or leggings, a white tee-shirt and a navy sweatshirt or tracksuit top.  Hoodie's are not appropriate.

Reading folder: Each child will need their own reading folder to transport their books and letters to and from school each day.  Our expectation is that children share a book with an adult at home five times a week and that this is recorded in their reading record book. 

Cool Milk If you would like your child to have milk, please ensure you sign up as soon as possible on the cool milk website. 




Children will have reading practise as homework every day and in order to achieve their true potential we recommend reading aloud to an adult at least five times a week. Enjoying a variety of different texts will enable your sons and daughters to learn the features of different text types.  They will have the opportunity to read both fiction and non fiction books from our library as well as their reading scheme book. 


In the Reception class we hope to help your children to develop their independence and learn to organise some of their own belongings.  To support them with this, please encourage them to remember their own coat, water bottle and reading books each day.  PE kit should be worn on a Monday and a Thursday.


Reception Weekly Learning Letters

Team Work, dream work!

Set 1 SPEED SOUNDS video


Read, Write, Ink - SET 2 sound videos

ay sound - may I play? -

ee sound - What can you see? -

igh sound - fly high -

ow sound - blow the snow -

oo sound - poo and the zoo -

oo sound - look at a book -

ar sound - start the car -

or sound - shut the door -

air sound - that's not fair -

ir sound - whirl and twirl -

ou sound - shout it out -

oy sound - toy to enjoy -


Read, Write, Ink sounds - SET 3 videos


ea sound - cup of tea -

oi sound - spoil the boy -

a-e sound - make a cake -

i-e sound - nice smile -

o-e sound  - phone home -

u-e sound - huge brute -

aw sound - yawn at dawn -

are sound - care and share -

ur sound - nurse with a purse -

er sound - better letter -

ow sound - brown cow -

ai sound - snail in the rain -

oa sound - goat in a boat -

ew sound - chew the stew -

ire sound - fire fire -

ear sound - hear with your ear -

ure sound - sure it's pure -

ph sound - take a photo -

au sound - Paul the astronaut -

wh sound - whisk, whisk -

tion sound - pay attention, it's a celebration -

cious/tious sound - scrumptious, delicious -