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Welcome to Junior 2's Class Learning Page!

We believe in being positive, resilient, working hard as a team and helping each other to make each day the best it can possibly be.


Hello! Welcome children and parents to the J2 class page.  I know you have already begun your ‘home learning’ but I hope to be able to support you with a few tips and some guidance. My first piece of advice is...create a home schedule. This will add some structure to your day and ensure you plan out your activities to suit you and the support available at home. It is important to balance academic activities with breaks, down-time, games and family time. This may seem like a strange time at the moment but it is also a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time together as a family. There is an example of a schedule at the bottom of the home learning page which you could use or adapt. I'd recommend starting your day with 'P.E with Joe'. It's a great, energetic way to start the day and really helps you get your mind woken up and ready to learn! Remember, try to create balance with your schedule. There are also lots of websites on the home learning page to help you in different areas of the curriculum whether it be French or Art activities you are looking for. Take a look and, if there is something missing or something we can help you with further, email the school admin and we can do our best to support you.


As you know, we love reading and really value how important - and fun - it is. I would like you to read every day for at least 20 minutes. Try to ensure the texts you read are appropriately challenging so you can explore new, interesting vocabulary and discuss the characters and themes. In class, the children said they most enjoy the discussion part of reading lessons and this 'home learning' time offers the family a fantastic opportunity to get immersed in a book together. It's important to read a broad range of texts and these could include…school books, newspapers, favourite annuals, comics, games instructions, recipes, emails and the reading comprehension tasks that were sent home. Typically, at school, we would have FIVE 15 - 20 minute reading sessions in a morning (ERIC) and 30 minutes comprehension time every day.  This is a perfect opportunity to boost those reading skills. Any reading that you do all counts towards your 60 minutes each day. On the home learning page, there is a link to 6 free online classic texts for you to read if you need more challenging texts. The texts include:1. Alice in Wonderland 2. Wind in the Willows 3. The Railway Children 4. The Jungle Book 5. Peter Pan and 6. Black Beauty. There is also a link to some free audio book resources so you can listen to stories as a family.



Your Work Packs:

The work packs you have been given are designed to help you continue to develop reading, maths and SPaG skills and give you some resources. It might seem like there is a lot of learning there, but the aim is to do 1 or 2 pages of each subject each day. Complete a mix of the activities each day rather than all maths, then all reading etc. A little bit and often is a strategy that supports memory and retention.


Each week, an adult from school will contact every child and family to check in on your progress. If you are unsure about any questions, the 'check-in' is a chance to talk with a teacher about it. The workbook activities can run alongside active learning opportunities or be supplemented with online games or videos. Active learning is also proven to support attitudes to learning, mental and emotional well-being and memorisation of learning. Where possible, get active! Go on treasure hunts, hop, skip or jump to different word classes, start a times tables boot camp, set an addition trail in the garden etc. There is no right or wrong if the children are learning, so be creative. What active ways of learning can you and your child think of? I'd love to see your ideas and perhaps you could share these ideas by emailing them to our admin team.


As I said before, in addition to academic time, there are lots of opportunities for learning in addition to the work packs. Ideas could include: baking, creating dens, making PowerPoints, artwork, sculptures made from plasticine, Lego, clay (if you have any), play dough, P.E skills or dance routines or arts and crafts. You know how much we love hearing about what you have been up to so I'd love to hear from you. A suitable photograph might not include your child’s face, but a hand or have their back to the camera etc… Why not share and celebrate your learning success by sending suitable photographs of your learning to:


If you have access to the internet, please go on TTRockstars for at least 15 minutes each day to practice times tables or, again, times tables can again be done actively. The children can do a different activity whilst chanting each times table. They can clap on square numbers or stand up/ sit down on odd or even numbers.



Keep checking in on our class page and read about all the excellent learning going on in homes and the community and look at our photos!


Remember, we are and always will be the Arksey team so we are in this together! We can really make the most of this opportunity and if you need any support or have any questions, please don't hesitate to email the admin team and they can pass the email on to the relevant person. I look forward to seeing your emails with pictures and details of your learning and speaking with you. Remember to wash your hands and continue to take care of each other. Also, smile often. If you want, just for fun, try this... laugh for 30 seconds non-stop together and just wait for the happiness to wash over you!



Love, Miss D



Here is a Facebook link to the websites shown in the timetable below.

Here is a timetable for live learning sessions available to the children each day.

Grow your positivity and attitude of gratitude by completing a daily mindfulness journal!



Things To Remember:


  • P.E will normally be on Wednesdays. Some children will go swimming on Fridays and the children remaining in school will also participate in further P.E learning so P.E kits will need to be in school on Monday and taken home on Friday.
  • Please take a look at the school homework policy for guidance on what we have agreed with children and parents. Homework topics are chosen by the children each half term so information will be sent home as appropriate. Reading continues to be a focus area in class. The children need to read challenging, age-appropriate texts at least 5 times per week with fluency for at least 20 minutes per night to develop fluency and stamina. Throughout the year, this will be monitored in homework books. In the documents section below, you will find some possible ideas for appropriate reading books and also some videos to demonstrate what fluent reading of an appropriate text looks like in Junior Class 2. If you have any queries, please feel free to speak with me.

Fluent reading in Y6

Still image for this video

Fluent reading in y6

Still image for this video