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Junior Class 1

Hello J1 parents and children.  I know you are working hard on your ‘home learning', here are a few tips and some guidance that might help:


Why not share and celebrate your learning success by sending suitable photographs of your learning to

Ideas could include: baking, creating dens, making Power Points, artwork, sculptures made from plasticine, Lego, clay (if you have any), play dough, PE

A suitable photograph might not include your child’s face, but a hand or have their back to the camera etc…


 Both Year 3 and 4, I would like you to read every day for at least 20 minutes – these could include…school books, favourite annuals, comics, games instructions, recipes, emails and the reading comprehension tasks that were sent home.  Typically, at school we would have FIVE 15 minute reading sessions in a morning (ERIC) and 25 minutes comprehension time every day.  This is a perfect opportunity to boost those reading skills. Any reading that you do all counts towards your 60 minutes each day.


The work packs!!!

(Please email if you left without a pack and want to arrange collection)

Please don’t rush through one booklet at a time.

Use one or two pages per booklet each day depending on your child.

e.g. In the Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling booklet, pages 2 and 3 are all about nouns. After completing these pages, you could make this learning active by writing nouns on small pieces of paper and labelling things in your lounge/kitchen. You could also ask your child/parent to name 5 nouns that they can see from where they are, or skip/hop/walk to a noun beginning with …..

You could write 5 nouns on pieces of paper, put them around the garden, collect them, then put them into alphabetical order….

In class, we try and make learning as active as possible as it’s much more enjoyable.

What active ways of learning can you and your child think of? Perhaps you could share these ideas by emailing them to our admin team.


If you have access to the internet, please go on TTRockstars for at least 15 minutes each day to practice times tables.

Times tables can again be done actively – put up questions around the garden/lounge and work your way around them – a bit like a treasure hunt. Perhaps each question answered gains you a letter to eventually spell out a word!


Again, if you have access to the internet, Duo lingo will help your child with their French home learning.


Stay safe everyone. Sing your favourite song as you wash your hands.


 Welcome to Junior Class 1      


We are a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 children.

We discuss the topics that we want to find out about and study during the year.

These are our choices for 2019/20:

Autumn 1 – The Romans
Autumn 2 – Poems/Fruit
Spring 1 – Transport
Spring 2 – Heroes
Summer 1 – Monsters, Griffins and Dinosaurs
Summer 2 – Aztecs

Our thinking statement is:


  • To create good work by asking amazing questions which makes learning fun.
  • To develop our minds and thinking brains which will lead to knowledge and success.
  • To leap from challenge to challenge, never giving up, but showing resilience, perseverance and determination.

    Things to remember:

    PE Kits - bring them on Monday and take them home on Friday.
    Swimming Kits – are needed on Friday.

    Bring a water bottle (and sun cream and sunhat if it’s going to be hot)

    Read your reading book every night for up to 20 minutes and record your reading at the back of your homework book. Ask an adult to sign this for you. Using the questions on the learning letter to talk about what you have read.
     Homework is given on Friday and due in the following Thursday.

Young Writers

Our trip to Leeds City Museum - finding out about Ancient Egyptians