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First Class

Good Morning first class parents and children.  As you start your period of ‘home learning’ I hope to be able to help with a few tips and some guidance that might help.


Reception pupils in first class red; we have an online learning journal that we’d love to be able to grow and develop further.  In order to access it please send your name and contact email address to the address.  You will then be able to post photographs and comments.  I can use these to guide you through personalized next steps and keep in touch with you.


Pupils in first class blue, please read every single day…school books, favorite football annuals, comics and the reading comprehension tasks I sent home.  Typically, at school we would have three 15 minute reading sessions every day.  This is a perfect opportunity to boost those reading skills.  However, developing the love of reading is the most important thing.  If your reading is a recipe, instructions for a game you’ve not played for ages or an email from an isolated family member it still counts!


The work packs!!!

(Please email if you left without a pack and want to arrange collection)

I know they’re enormous, we wanted you to have plenty to choose from.  You know your child best and you can help them work on the things they need most.  My guide for what would be appropriate is very much dependent on a child’s maturity level.  This might help but is only an idea…



 Each day, Monday - Friday

First class red, children in EYFS

First class blue, children in Year 1 and 2


Two short book sharing sessions per day, 5-10 minutes.

Two 15 minute reading sessions per day, independent reading or comprehension questions.


Fun counting, singing number songs (10 fat sausages, 5 currant buns, 10 green bottles), counting how many star jumps you can do, painting or writing neat numbers.  Practical adding and take away with Lego, cars or play dough.

Ten minutes on TT rock stars, 30 minutes or work pack or learning to tell the time or count money.  Use coins to make set amounts of money in different ways.  Measure (in cm) and weigh (in g), use containers to master capacity.


 A five-minute drawing or colouring a picture, practicing letters using the formation rhymes.  Using letters to write a label (for a model) or message.  Please don’t let them copy your writing… just writing the sounds they can ‘hear’ helps them develop with confidence.

About 30 minutes using something from the work pack.  Or use their learning from this term to write a diary of this unusual time, an email to someone they can’t visit.  Can you help them to develop their neatest handwriting?  This is a perfect chance to learn those tricky spellings. 


Follow your child’s interests and fascinations.  Build models with Lego, spot changes in the garden and talk about signs of spring and the names of different plants and birds, make a weather chart, draw daffodils, prune bushes, bake together teach them to fasten shoe laces and buttons, sort through their clothes and talk about how much they’ve grown.  Learn a song together and make a musical shaker or drum.  Do the Joe Wicks PE session; he's entertaining and helping people all over the world to stay fit. 



What children need

Shoes for running and independence: Good grips are the highest priority to reduce the likelihood of trips and slips during play times.  Children feel more confident and grown up when they can fasten their own shoes, therefore, velcro is usually a more appropriate choice than laces.  If boots or wellies are chosen, please also send shoes or trainers which are often more comfortable.

Waterproof coat: Please send a coat daily, sometimes it seems that children face all four seasons in one day!  If shopping for new, please select a waterproof one with a hanging loop to enable your child to put it safely on their peg. 

Water bottle: A standard sized bottle will fit in our carrier crates and is less likely to get lost when carried to and from the play ground.  Please choose a non spill 'sports top' which should contain water - we do not allow juice or flavoured water.

Draw string PE bag: A draw string bag will fit on your child's peg without causing their coat to fall on the floor.  Please leave full indoor (shorts and white tee shirt) and out door (track suit, tee shirt and trainers) kit in school all week.  It is sensible to add a spare pair of pants and socks too incase your child ever requires a full change of clothes. 

Reading folder: Each child will need their own reading folder to transport their books and letters to and from school each day.  Our expectation is that children share a book with an adult five times a week and that this is recorded in their reading record book. 

Cool Milk If you would like your child to have milk at snack time, please ensure you sign up as soon as possible on the cool milk website.







First Class Mindfulness Journal



Children will have reading practise as homework every day and in order to achieve their true potential we recommend reading aloud to an adult at least five times a week. Enjoying a variety of different texts will enable your sons and daughters to learn the features of different text types.  They will have the opportunity to read both fiction and non fiction books from our library as well as their Oxford Reading Tree scheme book. 


Children in First Class Blue will have a weekly spelling piece of homework and they are to practise their times tables through logging onto the Times Table Rockstars website. Details of their username and password will be sent home.  


In the First class we hope to help your children to develop their independence and organise more of their belongings than they did last year.  To support them with this, please encourage them to remember their own coat, water bottle and reading books each day.  PE kit should be brought on a Monday and can be taken home for a wash on a Friday.



First Class Red Long Term Plan

Year Two Long Term Plan