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First Class

A very strange end to the term....


Wow, what a strange time for the children who have been at school, socially distancing from friends and adults - with incredible skill and expertise.  An unexpected, extended period of 'home schooling' for adults who have done their very best as home educators in challenging circumstances.  For the very youngest who are starting school on Wednesday, 2nd September an odd time where they've missed the reassuring opportunities to call into the classroom and meet the adults who will teach, care for and nurture them in their very first year. 


Although the very unique circumstances mean that we've not been able to get to know our new group, we will very swiftly reassure you and your children within the first week.  The environment will be very new to the children, but with lots of familiar provision, stories and activities including painting, play dough, water and sand.  By inviting very small groups of four or five at a time into the Reception group we will be able to give them lots of attention, reassurance and praise.  Parents will not be able to bring the children into the classroom at the beginning of term due to the Covid-19 situation, but as soon as guidance allows it we look forward to inviting you to a 'stay and play' session. 


Children who attended Willows Nursery, will see a member of their staff team in the school classroom for the first two weeks to ease the transition into their new class.  It may be difficult for those who have not yet met any other friends, please remember that the adults are very experienced in distraction techniques and will support the children.  Try to sound convincingly confident when you tell your child they'll have a lovely time, that the teachers are kind and will look after them and that you'll just let them have a little play and then they'll need to come home to let another group of friends have a turn to explore the toys.  By being upbeat, cheery and casual about their new adventure they're likely to respond in the same way. 


The 'First Class Team' can't wait to meet all the new children and to welcome the year one children back. 

Have a lovely, relaxing summer break and I'll see you on Wednesday, 2nd September.


Mrs Stoddart







What children need

Shoes for running and independence: Good grips are the highest priority to reduce the likelihood of trips and slips during play times.  Children feel more confident and grown up when they can fasten their own shoes, therefore, velcro is usually the most 'child friendly' option.  If boots or wellies are chosen for cold, wet days please also send shoes or trainers which are often more comfortable for children sitting or working on the floor.

Waterproof coat: Please send a coat daily, sometimes it seems that children face all four seasons in one day!  If shopping for new, please select a waterproof one with a hanging loop to enable your child to put it safely on their peg. 

Water bottle: A standard sized bottle will fit in our carrier crates and is less likely to get lost when carried to and from the play ground.  Please choose a non spill 'sports top' which should contain water - we do not allow juice or flavoured water.

Draw string PE bag: A draw string bag will fit on your child's peg without causing their coat to fall on the floor.  Please leave full indoor (shorts and white tee shirt) and out door (track suit, tee shirt and trainers) kit in school all week.  It is sensible to add a spare pair of pants and socks too incase your child ever requires a full change of clothes. 

Reading folder: Each child will need their own reading folder to transport their books and letters to and from school each day.  Our expectation is that children share a book with an adult at home five times a week and that this is recorded in their reading record book. 

Cool Milk If you would like your child to have milk at snack time, please ensure you sign up as soon as possible on the cool milk website.







First Class Mindfulness Journal



Children will have reading practise as homework every day and in order to achieve their true potential we recommend reading aloud to an adult at least five times a week. Enjoying a variety of different texts will enable your sons and daughters to learn the features of different text types.  They will have the opportunity to read both fiction and non fiction books from our library as well as their reading scheme book. 


Children in year one will have a weekly spelling piece of homework and they are to complete My Maths activities, details of their username and password will be sent home.  


In the First class we hope to help your children to develop their independence and organise more of their belongings than they used to.  To support them with this, please encourage them to remember their own coat, water bottle and reading books each day.  PE kit should be brought on a Monday and can be taken home for a wash on a Friday.



First Class Red Long Term Plan

Infant Class Literacy Fixed Plan 2020-2021

Year Two Long Term Plan